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1.0: Prologue


01-30-16_3-35-03 PM

Hello reader! I don’t know who you are. Hopefully one of my future children or grandchildren or great-great grandchildren or something! Anyways, you probably already know who I am, but I’ll err on the side of caution, just in case. I’m Dylan Bloomsbury, a.k.a. the founder of the Bloomsbury Legacy. I’m kind of a complicated person, but I suppose you could sum me up as being ambitious, a perfectionist, cheerful, and a relatively domestic person. In writing this diary, I hope to chronicle my experiences living abroad, bringing the Bloomsbury Farm back to it’s 1850s glory, and my other (mis)adventures in life and love. I’ve only just arrived on the farm this evening, but I suppose I’ll give you some background on my past up until this point.

01-30-16_1-01-19 PM

I was born in Newcrest, an only child to two relatively absent parents, both of whom were extremely involved in their careers. From the time I came out of the womb I was raised by a nanny named Elisabeth Bloomsbury who became closer to me than anyone ever would.

01-30-16_1-03-58 PM

Elisabeth always told me to reach for the stars and that I could achieve anything that I wanted to if I tried hard enough. And throughout my entire childhood, Elisabeth was the only one to believe in me like that. She was practically my sole caregiver until my parents died in a tragic fire that left them both dead and me orphaned.

01-30-16_1-08-10 PM

Luckily, Elisabeth cared enough about my wellbeing – having no children of her own due to her infertility – that she adopted me as her own.

01-30-16_1-12-01 PM

Elisabeth and I moved to Willow Creek searching for a better life, and we found our happiness. That was, at least, until Sid came along.

01-30-16_2-03-06 PM

I didn’t really have friends growing up other than Elisabeth, until I fell in love in High School with a bad boy named Sid. Sid was mysterious, unknown, and completely foreign to me, as well as having commitment issues and a hot head to boot. At the time, he was everything I ever wanted and more and I loved him without anything holding me back.

01-30-16_2-03-39 PM

I of course jumped into the relationship with no inhibitions, whereas Elisabeth was not so naive. She had seen Sid’s sort before and wasn’t keen on letting me be with Sid. However, she knew that fighting with me would be futile due to my extremely stubborn nature, and that I would keep seeing Sid no matter what Elisabeth did. Obviously.

01-30-16_2-04-33 PM

So she let me walk into the lions den of a relationship with Sid, and it was wonderful. We stayed together for years, out of high school and into young adulthood. And we were happy – I was happy. At least, at first.

01-30-16_2-31-44 PM01-30-16_2-09-18 PM

He eventually moved in with Elisabeth and I. While I worked two jobs to pay the bills, Sid was always ‘practicing with his band’, a.k.a. cheating on me with some skank from our old high school.

01-30-16_2-34-03 PM

I had no idea about Sid’s secret rendezvous’ until Elisabeth caught Sid with his mistress in the park one day.

01-30-16_2-39-07 PM

Elisabeth told me, and although I tried to feign denial to the matter, I ended up confronting Sid about it. Though he didn’t immediately fess up, I knew that my adoptive mother wasn’t lying and that that plumming scoundrel would never tell me the truth. One day I threw Sid’s things out the window, leaving nothing but wasted years and the regret from a failed relationship.

01-30-16_2-40-51 PM

I knew that we needed to get far, far away after that. Sid kept showing up at Elisabeth and I’s house and harassing me to forgive him. I even found him one night watching me sleep.

01-30-16_2-43-45 PM01-30-16_2-46-36 PM

Elisabeth had family in a nice town called Windenburg in the countryside of Simreland, where she originally hailed from before moving to Bridgeport to be my nanny. With the money that we had from selling Elisabeth’s house in Willow Creek, we bought two plane tickets to the idyllic Simrish town, a small cottage in the country for Elisabeth, and new looks for the both of us to start our new lives.

01-30-16_2-49-45 PM

01-30-16_2-53-38 PM01-30-16_2-53-45 PM

I, on the other hand, decided to move into the abandoned farmhouse that was owned by Elisabeth’s family, which had been unused for about 150 years since the Bloomsbury family’s potato farm had been shut down during the Great Famine of 1852, and the family that was there at the time all migrated to the U.S. The Bloomsbury’s left in Windenburg never had the money nor the motivation to bring the farm back to it’s glory days as it had been before the famine, and they agreed to let me have the land and the small dilapidated house that was on it as long as I brought the farm back to life and promised to raise at least 10 generations of Bloomsbury children on that land.

01-30-16_3-35-36 PM

At first I wasn’t going to accept the offer, but I never really had any pointed dreams. All I wanted was to be successful, and for my children after me to lead a happy life with all of the money and success that I would hand on to them after my death. Always up for a challenge, I ended up taking the offer. And at first, I was really happy with my decision. That was until I actually showed up here.

01-30-16_2-51-34 PM

I don’t think the reality of my choice really hit me until I arrived at my new home earlier this morning. The decrepit farm in front of me looked nothing like the picture I had seen before! All I could think was that they must have taken that picture years ago and sent me here just knowing that I would fail. The house looked like it was practically falling apart, the only farmland to speak of was a large patch of dirt, and, for the piece de resistance…

01-30-16_2-52-42 PM

It had an outhouse. A plumming outhouse!

01-30-16_2-55-33 PM01-30-16_2-55-25 PM

As I sat on the cold, hard bench inside with tears falling down my cheeks, I couldn’t help but think that I wasn’t up to this task. That I would be better living with Elisabeth in her cozy little cottage down the street. But I also knew that this was something that I had to do, for my sake, and for my future legacy’s sake. If it wasn’t for my natural ambitious and stubborn nature, I’d probably be writing this diary entry from the comfort of my mother’s cozy couch.

01-30-16_2-56-10 PM

Then, I did what any sim would do. I made a very extensive mental list of what I needed to do to get my legacy up and running over a bowl of my favorite cereal: Sugar O’s. Step 1: Revive the plants and up my gardening skill. Step 2: Find a mate (No matter how I ended up wording it, step two was very cringey. Ergh). Step 3: Sell harvestables until Step 4 is possible. And finally, Step 4: Fix up the house for future children. After that, things should come naturally…right?

01-30-16_3-03-30 PM01-30-16_3-03-17 PM01-30-16_3-03-35 PM

I put on the clothes which I was least attached to lest they get dirty and went outside. The whole gardening thing… well, it hasn’t exactly come naturally yet. I spent most of the day fiddling around, watering things, weeding what I could, and when I was at my lowest, literally talking to the plants. I had officially hit rock bottom.

01-30-16_3-36-46 PM

By the end of the day, I could barely get myself to eat my dinner (Sugar O’s, of course) without falling asleep. I had never been so exhausted in my life. My bones ached, my fingers were blistered, and I could feel a sunburn starting to form on the back of my neck. I wanted to give up so badly, but I for some reason felt extremely fulfilled having spent my day the way that I did. My gardening skill had leveled up quite a bit and I was proud of the amount that I had gotten done in just one day.

01-30-16_3-38-03 PM

I fell asleep last night with a heavy heart, yet I have never slept so well in my entire life. I didn’t dream at all. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night at all, like I have been ever since I entered the relationship with Sid. It was such a relief! Working so hard was such a needed distraction from my past, and in one night, I’ve become excited for my future here at Bloomsbury farms.

01-30-16_3-35-38 PM

Well, I’m going to go make some breakfast and keep going strong on Step 1. I’ve got a lot of work to do, but I know I can do it. I’ve always persevered, and like Elisabeth always said, I always will.

Will Dylan’s stubbornness and steadfast nature be her aid or detriment in this new life? And how will this city girl fare in this country world? Only time will tell. Tune in next time on The Bloomsbury Legacy!!!


Thank you so much for reading this chapter of The Bloomsbury Legacy! I’d appreciate any feedback I could get, so please let me know what you thought in the comments. This is my very first Legacy-style story, and I really hope you like it!