Welcome to The Bloomsbury Legacy, a semi-Pinstar-like challenge with a twist! Although this story follows many of Pinstar’s rules, I will have specific “generational goals”. Here are the rules I will be following in this story:

+I will be starting off on the 64×64 lot in Windenburg with no money whatsoever. However, there is a very small house built on the lot. The only objects in it at the starting point will be a bench, a fireplace, candles, a fridge, a counter, an air mattress, a desk with computer and chair, and an outhouse (toilet, bath, sink). In the grand scheme of things, she is basically starting with the same amount as a regular legacy, except my founder will already have a bit of a house built for the sake of the story.

+No cheats, 10 generations. Following all of Pinstar’s Gameplay Rules.

+I will be following the Equality Gender Law, the Strict Traditional Bloodline Law, the Democracy Heir Law, and the Tolerant Species Law.

+I will be using some Mods, but nothing that will truly alter the gameplay experience from that of another Simmer’s or give me an advantage. I will be using the MC Control Console Mod, as well as a few other script mods in game such as the Go To School mod.

The “Generational Goals” for Generation 1 will be…

+Founder may only make money through selling harvestables. Spouse may have a job, and children may have part-time jobs as well once they are teens.

+May only cook using fresh ingredients (as in, can’t buy food out of the fridge unless it’s unavoidable).

Links will be eventually posted here as well!


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